Redraw the map on redistricting.

With the latest round of Congressional redistricting now complete, we set out to measure districts compactness again and assess how the results from this latest round of redistricting has affected the geometry and geography of legislative districts in the United States. The results are in our newest white paper "Redrawing the Map on Redistricting 2012 - Addendum"

All politics is local. How compact is your home district? How does it compare to others? Search for a Congressional, state or local legislative district using an address or legislator’s name.

Take a look at the least compact districts in the country. Some of these shapes give Elbridge Gerry’s iconic salamander a run for its money.

Wonder what online software tools that enable a collaborative redistricting process look like? Peruse our set of tools and share your ideas with us.

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Don't let redistricting happen behind closed doors. Do you want to make this process open and collaborative? Meet District Builder: an open source, web-based redistricting application designed to give the public transparent, accessible, and easy-to-use on-line mapping tools. To access the software code, click here.