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Azavea is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) web-based software design and development firm based in Philadelphia, PA.

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AzaveaWe are a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) web-based software design and development firm. We specialize in web-based geographic analysis and modeling applications for government (local, state and federal), non-profit and academic clients. Our solutions and products use mapping technologies and geography to solve complex, interesting, and novel problems.

Our work is not domain-specific and includes: political advocacy, campaign financing, land conservation, crime analysis, real estate, economic development, sustainable economy, cultural resources and urban social policy analysis. We believe we can make a difference by promoting the emergence of more dynamic, vibrant communities through geographic information technologies. For more information about Azavea's other products or to learn about our client projects visit Azavea's website.

We offer a range of political advocacy and election tools and services to put the power of GIS and mapping into the hands of voters, grassroots campaign workers, candidates, and advocacy organizations.

About Azavea’s Cicero Web Services API

CiceroCicero is a legislative district matching and elected official lookup web API that matches citizens with their local, state, and national representatives by tapping into a massive database of voting district maps and information about politicians, legislative bodies, and election events. The Cicero API powers many features of the compactness scores lookup tool.  The wealth of legislative district boundary information and elected official data we have gathered for the entire United States and several other countries and the accompanying API lend themselves to a variety of other projects.

Azavea's Political Tools & Services

Political Mapping

Campaign Walking and GOTV
Approached by candidates in races ranging from city council to state senate, Azavea has drawn on street network, parcel boundary, and state voter file data to generate campaign walking and GOTV maps that pinpoint the location of likely and supervoters in each precinct.

Demographic Profiles and Outcome Prevision
Azavea knows how to harness the power of GIS to automate the process of rapidly generating hundreds of demographic maps to equip candidates with information they need to determine where to best allocate resources and make time-critical decisions under the pressures of a campaign cycle.

Campaign Financing Analysis

Utilizing a combination of ESRI's ArcMap ModelBuilder technology and custom software, Azavea is able to process a vast quantity of data to rapidly generate clear, compelling maps of contribution information.

MAPLight.org has used a series of more than 400 such maps, visualizing the information about in- and out-of-district campaign contributions to each member of the U.S. House of Representatives as part of their 'Remote Control' report.

Voters and Donors Analysis and Data Mining

Sometimes campaign strategists are faced with targeting decisions that demand more sophisticated analysis to generate profiles of potential donors and voters. Valuable data is gathered by the U.S. Census Bureau, consumer research firms, state elections offices, political parties and individual campaigns, but it is often aggregated at different spatial scales, making it difficult to integrate.

Gerrymandering Analysis and Redistricting Tools

Web-based Software Development

Planning and Prioritization Tools

Azavea's extensive experience with web-based application development enables us to put analytical capabilities directly into the hands of clients. We've used our GeoTrellis web-based geographic planning and prioritization tool to build a prototype Elections and Advocacy application that enables campaigns to prioritize canvassing and GOTV efforts based on a selection of over 30 weighted electoral indicators including voting history, demographic data, and civic participation.

Custom Software Development

For the Committee of Seventy, one of the oldest nonpartisan political watchdog groups in the U.S., Azavea used a mix of open source software tools to build a custom election incident-tracking application. Real-time results, color-coded by incident type, are displayed on screens at the central command center, where organizers can overlay the incident point data with political boundaries such as state senate or house districts to evaluate whether problematic patterns are emerging.