Armed with knowledge and the right tools,
the public can help redraw the map on redistricting.

Redistricting the Philadelphia Region is a joint project of Azavea, a Philadelphia-based, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software development company, and the Committee of Seventy, a non-partisan, non-profit organization cited as the region’s “premier government watchdog."

"Redistricting The Philadelphia Region" is a regional web site of Azavea's "Redistricting the Nation".

Do you know what your districts look like? If you live in the Philadelphia region, their shapes might surprise you.

Think Rocky fought hard? Take a look at some of the political battles which shaped districts in Philadelphia and the region.

Every 10 years the boundaries of all legislative districts are redrawn. Find out how it’s done.

Committee of 70 Azavea

The Committee of Seventy fights for clean and effective government, fair elections and a better informed citizenry in Philadelphia and the region. Azavea is a web-based software design and development firm that develops innovative, web-based software and web services that use mapping technologies and geography to solve complex, interesting, and novel problems.   » Read more